Looking in

Fractured mirror

Picking up the pieces

Sharp, jagged tears.


Prick my finger

Breath intake,

Seeing my reflection

Twisted with pain.


Never see me and

Never touch me, un-

Less what split me can repair me,

Mirror, and face.


Looking in

Fractured mind,

Screaming to the echoes

Who laugh in reply.


See the blood

Grasp the shard;

Hold it fast and drive it

Into my heart.


Never see me and

Never touch me, un-

Less the world is changed, and with it,

Mirror, and mind.


Ne irascaris, Domine,

Vir, femina, homo;

Nescio quid sum, Domine,

Ac dona me vivere ne timere.

Let me to live, let me exist, leave me a place on this earth!

Do not hate me for what I am,

For I know not what I am.

“Et in terra pax hominibus”–

Hominibus, hominibus–

Ad omnes homines,

Generibus non cure;

Am I not human born,

So why must I sojourn

In forgotten places,

Between all the spaces,

Hated if I my face show?

Ne irascaris, Domine–

Vos quoque, mundi caelique;

Sol et luna, sidera,

Ventus, undae, et aqua;

Omnes gentes undique–

Ne irascaris, videns me!

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