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Against Transphobes: In Response to Roger Erdvig

Recently, I was searching the “trans*” tag on WordPress.  Most of the posts there were positive.  One in particular (read it here), by Roger Erdvig, was not.  Entitled “Boys will be boys…or will they?”, this post was blatantly transphobic, ageist,

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Doin’ a little happy dance

Apparently this blog is now Google-searchable!  Apparently if you search for “leprechaun shipping grid” or “queer classicist blog,” the CQC comes up on the first page of results.  (I just checked for the leprechaun thing and it doesn’t work anymore

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It’s Not Over Yet

This morning, Jacob Tobia, a Huffington Post blogger, wrote this article: “Gay Rights Activists Look Forward to Retirement Following Supreme Court Decision.”  An activist, John Smith, whom he interviewed, stated:  “If the Supreme Court strikes down Prop 8 and rules

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More updates.

So I finished the article in response to the conservative blogger, but I want some of my friends/professors to read it before I publish it.  I’ve added a few more links to the blogroll today, but mostly just typed the

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Blog Updates 3/24/13

Added a contact page; also “most clicked links” and “recent posts” widgets in the right-hand sidebar.  Updated “About” and “Poetry” pages.  Unstuck the post about the Poetry update. I hope to soon be able to post a long post/article in

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Why the F**k Do I Keep Going?

Sometimes I feel like I have all the right reasons to closet myself from myself. In a way, it would be easier to try to be a straight cis woman. I’ve been socialized to be one. Pretty much every mannerism

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Poetry Page Update!

Updated 3/22/13.  This one’s entirely in English, and it’s about being trans.  It’s supposed to be sung, but I don’t think I really have a convenient way to get music notation or audio into digital format right now.  If I

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