So I am a crazy, queer classicist at Bryn Mawr College, who does have the right to reappropriate the word “crazy.”  I use gender-neutral pronouns and go by Chris Delmore on the internet.  Maybe someday in real life, too; my friends and professors already call me Chris.  If pressed about my terminology, I’ll say that I’m pansexual and genderqueer.  If pressed further, “transmasculine AFAB genderqueer pansexual.”  If pressed even further, “genderqueer means in between male and female,” AFAB means female-bodied (in my case, much more than I’d like), transmasculine means being masculine when not societally expected to be (sorta), and mostly attracted to people who…well, human sexuality is complicated.  The Kinsey scale doesn’t even begin to cover it.  (It wasn’t really Kinsey’s fault.  His scale was a groundbreaking start, the way Freud was to modern psychology, and back then, gayness was practically seen as equivalent to transgenderism.)  If pressed further still, I’ll get into a discussion of terminology that no one who isn’t a queer, classicist, linguist, or combination of the above should have to endure.  Classicists/linguists of any sanity level or orientation are notoriously impossible to shut up.

I like alt metal and punk music, fencing, obscure weaponry, ties, poetry (Latin or English; don’t get me started on authors, but Catullus, Martial, Andrea Gibbs, Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, Joyce Carol Oates, Chuck Palahniuk, Harlan Ellison, and Ray Bradbury are up there), writing things, weird/horror fiction, Homestuck, Dr. Who, Sherlock (do not get me started on Moffat for either of these shows), Supernatural, gaming, calculus, analyzing stuff, interlingual puns, comparative translation…a lot of things.   I’m a force of chaos–chaotic good.  Sometimes order (kosmos, Gk.) is not what should be.  So I blog about stuff to increase the level of necessary chaos.  Yeah, it does sound like a kind of sentimental philosophy when I write it down.  Oh well, just read my blog please?  Vale, and have fun!

Oh, and if you want to contact me without having the entire interwebs see it, email me at cdd_cqc@yahoo.com.  (Disclaimer about emails is on the “Ask Me Something!” page.)  Salutem te dicam.

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    It’s always good to receive a ‘like’ but even better to be able to send one. Thanks.

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