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Time for some general updates

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post about, well, me.  Sorry, guys, I’ll try not to make it boring. I’m (sort of, unsuccessfully) reading up on stuff for that post about ACT UP that I promised months

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Against Transphobes: In Response to Roger Erdvig

Recently, I was searching the “trans*” tag on WordPress.  Most of the posts there were positive.  One in particular (read it here), by Roger Erdvig, was not.  Entitled “Boys will be boys…or will they?”, this post was blatantly transphobic, ageist,

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This is a pure nerd rant

So, sorry I haven’t posted in so long.  School and spring break happened.  After a week of intense boredom in a PA small town (seriously, the only good things that happened were two awesome burritos and the purchase a pair

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All Finals Done!

I think I did okay.  But why do Greek verbs have to have SIX principle parts, and none of them the infinitive?  Now I just have to turn in a take-home section–that has to be tomorrow.  Not wandering around campus

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It’s finals week.  For me, that means, for the first time since August, I don’t have to get up before 10 to make an 8:45 class. (Why are intro language so early in the morning at Bryn Mawr it sucks!) 

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