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New theme

As you can see, I’ve changed my blog theme.  It was good while it lasted, but as this blog evolved from the personal to the academic (as it seems do all things I touch), I needed a more professional theme;

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Blog Announcement

Due to various things such as having to spend most of August with my parents, not having time to go to the still-extant Philly chapter of ACT UP,  and having to return a certain book to the library, the ACT

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Time for some general updates

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post about, well, me.  Sorry, guys, I’ll try not to make it boring. I’m (sort of, unsuccessfully) reading up on stuff for that post about ACT UP that I promised months

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General Reading List for Trans* people and Trans* Allies: Print Books by Author

So, at Philly Pride on Sunday, I was with my straight-ally/adopted-big-sister C and another genderqueer classicist (tumblr: nonnobissolum) whom I’ll call Q.  So, inspired by some drag queens, C said, “You know, we should try to get RuPaul for your

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Give me some feedback:

So guys, I have a poetry page.  And it’s a pain to update, which is why I haven’t done so very frequently (along with not having had time to write much poetry).  So give me some feedback, please, all of

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I will actually make a post about actual stuff soon

I’ve had a lot of school stuff this week.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make at least one post about promised topics by the end of this weekend, instead of just reblogging stuff.  I’m alive, just prematurely entombed by a

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Coming up soon

So relatively soon I’ll be writing some new posts about the history of ACT UP and its relevance today, and possibly an analysis of why marriage equality has become the main LGBTQ+ rights issue (instead of things like employment equality,

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