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Forum Flow Chart

Saw this on voxcorvegis. Pretty accurate. Advertisements

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New Background

So I made a new background for my blog.  After a couple of hours  and some pretty intense beta (upload, refresh, find problems, fix on PNG file, save as JPEG and overwrite previous version, repeat), I’ve come up with something

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Sorry about the Blogroll Chaos!

So, a day or two ago I decided to categorize my links.  I did not realize that this would create multiple lists on my left sidebar–and I didn’t notice this effect until about five minutes ago.  And I don’t know

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Affirming my Gender: The Crazy Things I Do

I’ve been wearing men’s clothes for a while.  The next step was underwear.  After several pairs of what I already had got holes, I decided to take that next step now.  My grandma would have bought me women’s underwear, but

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An Open Letter to My Facebook Friends

Originally posted on Coming Out Christian:
Every week, I spend a ridiculous amount of time editing my Facebook wall. Why? Because I’m not 100% out on Facebook. And so, when someone who knows I’m gay posts something revealing to my…

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Raging Bull

Here’s Lee’s original “Raging Bull,” courtesy of Google’s Image Search.

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A Raging Lavender Menace

One of my favorite pieces of queer art is Sadie Lee’s “Raging Bull.” The first time I saw it, I had one of those “OMG that’s what I’m supposed to be” moments. So, since I don’t dare post photos of

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