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Time for some general updates

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post about, well, me.  Sorry, guys, I’ll try not to make it boring. I’m (sort of, unsuccessfully) reading up on stuff for that post about ACT UP that I promised months

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When trolls are actually funny

So, I was checking the forum on the article about the trans* applicant who got rejected from Smith, and there was this one user who posted a transphobic rant.  Only, he kept calling this girl a transponder. After I managed

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Rock, Paper, Scissors–TRICKSTER MODE!!!

Bryn Mawr Fencing meets Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  On Thursday, practice went unusually well for me.  Apparently, the three major fencing tactics (direct attack, parry-riposte, and feint) can be thought of as rock, paper, and scissors.  Once you know of

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Forum Flow Chart

Saw this on voxcorvegis. Pretty accurate.

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The awkward intro post….

Well, I’m supposed to post something, and don’t have any photos…. The reason I’m creating this blog is because the HuffPo comments section simply isn’t enough anymore.  It’s mostly good for political posts, and those get only limited coverage, because

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