Give me some feedback:

So guys, I have a poetry page.  And it’s a pain to update, which is why I haven’t done so very frequently (along with not having had time to write much poetry).  So give me some feedback, please, all of you:  should I keep the page, or should I start a second blog just for poetry, using a more poetry-friendly template, and replace the page with a link to the second blog?  Tell me, please.

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3 comments on “Give me some feedback:
  1. Christopher says:

    Even though I’ve only recently started reading this blog, may I ask why you’re not considering sharing your poetry here?

    I realize that “may” is more than a little disingenuous since I have just asked, but if I remember correctly that would have been in the subjunctive mood in Latin, which was a favorite of one of the best teachers I ever had.

    Anyway I’d recommend a new blog with a poetry-friendly template, and, please, provide a link that would be easy to find for those of us who’d also like to read your poetry.

    • ChrisCQC says:

      Of course I’ll provide a link!
      And the reason why I don’t want to use my main blog to do the poetry is because when I go through my reader and a normally prose blog just posts a photo or a piece of poetry, it’s a little annoying. Then, I want this blog to be Serious Social Commentary and things. Also, my current template is not very poetry friendly, but it’s nice for my prose and I don’t want to change it (though I might make the background more subtle one of these days).

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