It’s Not Over Yet

This morning, Jacob Tobia, a Huffington Post blogger, wrote this article: “Gay Rights Activists Look Forward to Retirement Following Supreme Court Decision.”  An activist, John Smith, whom he interviewed, stated:  “If the Supreme Court strikes down Prop 8 and rules DOMA unconstitutional…at that point, the gay rights movement will be pretty much over.”  His partner, William Francis, agreed:  Quite frankly,” he said,  “I’m excited for all this equality mess to be done with.”  I was shocked and appalled at this unconscionably short-sighted view of the gay rights movement, and the ridiculous misprioritization of issues.  How on earth are these people actually called activists?  But the most chilling statement was Francis’ ridiculous and untrue assertion:  “Once DOMA is stricken down, no one will be allowed to discriminate against gay people anymore.”

Over?  Done with?

What about the full version of ENDA, and equal housing?
What about trans* rights, an issue that really cannot be extricated from gay rights?
What about inclusive education, including sex education?
What about strengthening hate crimes laws?
What about protection of LGBTQ youth?
What about LGBTQ immigrants–documented or undocumented?
What about tightening controls on hate groups?
What about creating and funding a national medical, psychological, and legal support network for queer and trans* people?
What about helping other minorities in more dire straits than we are?

THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER, AND WILL NOT BE OVER EVEN IF DOMA AND PROP 8 ARE IMMEDIATELY REPEALED.  There is still much, much more to do with gay and trans* rights alone, almost enough to take up our entire lifetimes.  And even if all those issues are addressed, the fight for universal human dignity will not be over, because there always have been and always will be those who seek to make a gain for themselves at the direct disadvantage and expense of others, and will use any excuse to do so.  We owe it to ourselves, not as gays or lesbians or bisexuals or trans* people or any other part of the acronym, but as HUMANS, to prevent such abuses of other humans, even or perhaps especially if they are people who have oppressed us in the past.  The fight is not over, and I will not slink away from the battlefield.

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2 comments on “It’s Not Over Yet
  1. tlfranklin84 says:

    One step at a time I guess. At least we are fighting, and we know this is just one battle needed to win the war.

  2. doubleinvert says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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