Doin’ a little happy dance

Apparently this blog is now Google-searchable!  Apparently if you search for “leprechaun shipping grid” or “queer classicist blog,” the CQC comes up on the first page of results.  (I just checked for the leprechaun thing and it doesn’t work anymore unless you add the word “blog.”  Oh well.)  I suspect, however, that the second search term may have come from my English professor.  I told her about my blog, but she may not have remembered the exact URL.  Speaking of URLs, I’ve finally figured out how to link stuff without showing a pesky URL.  I shall probably fix such issues on old posts now.

I finished the riposte to the conservative blogger.  I’m having my Greek TA read it to see if I need to do anything to it.  I’ll probably be able to post it by the end of this week.  Feel free to quote from or paraphrase it extensively the next time you run into a transphobe.

Gay marriage is before the supreme court.  I still hardly believe this is happening, that it might not be fated to go completely wrong.  I have trust issues with reality, I guess.

This comments guy on HuffPo appears to be seriously supporting superbinary marriage–I guess for once the conservatives are right.  I support as long as all members of the marriage agree to all the other members–this would prevent rivalry.  I guess I’ve got Ursula K. LeGuin to thank for this attitude.  Not only did she come up with the sedoretu, she also invented a planet full of genderqueer people.  Oh, and I guess Homestuck and its Troll Romance are another factor.  I’m not exactly sure that superbinary marriage could really work with more than 5 or 6 people (though I would gladly be proven wrong), and I worry that large superbinary contracts could serve as nothing more than tax loopholes or insurance scams, but screening could take care of the latter problem.  Anyway, I advised the guy to wait until gay marriage gets approved, both to set an (admittedly slightly iffy) legal precedent and to make sure that gay marriage actually does get passed–haven’t the psychocons been yelling “polygamy” at us for years?  I hope I did the right thing.  Frankly, it’s an issue I have not had the chance to think about very much; for me, it’s rather scary to think about taking my clothes off in front of just one person at a time.  Check my privilege, I guess.  On the upside, it’ll give all the marriage activists something to do/argue about when we get universal gay marriage.

So I’m doing a little happy dance in my head about all this.  Life is good.

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