When trolls are actually funny

So, I was checking the forum on the article about the trans* applicant who got rejected from Smith, and there was this one user who posted a transphobic rant.  Only, he kept calling this girl a transponder.

After I managed to stop laughing, I politely told the guy that he was railing against radio equipment.

So, revenge is sweet.  And I got 11 faves on 2 pro-trans comments.  And no replies, meaning that I’m actually intimidating the trolls somewhat, or they’re actually learning gender stuff from me.  The users I flagged haven’t been deleted, so please get people to flag their profiles, but at least they haven’t made any new comments, and in a day or two “discussion” on that article will peter off, so it’s all pretty much good.

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2 comments on “When trolls are actually funny
  1. doubleinvert says:

    “Transponder?” Well, that’s one I’ve never been called before! :D


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