This is a pure nerd rant

So, sorry I haven’t posted in so long.  School and spring break happened.  After a week of intense boredom in a PA small town (seriously, the only good things that happened were two awesome burritos and the purchase a pair of cargo shorts and a cloth belt), I got back to campus, and suddenly ALL THE NERD THINGS ARE GOING META IN MY BRAIN.  And I’ve finally turned in my last midterm until next fall, so I have time for a post.  This one is more “crazy” and “classicist” than “queer.”

The intersection of Homestuck with EVERYTHING else (SPOILERS):

  1. The perfect tense is Lord English.  It’s clearly a time player.  It affects two chronologies, past and present, and has qualities of two aspects (grammar sense), continuous and aorist.  It’s a freaking time traveler.  (This was funnier yesterday at 10 a.m.)
  2. In Miles Gloriosus, Equius is Pyrgopolynices, Nepeta is Artotrogus, Sollux is Palaestrio, Karkat is Periplectomenus, Terezi is Sceledrus, Aradia is Philocomasium, Kanaya is Pleusicles, Vriska is Lurcio, Eridan is Acroteleutium, Feferi is Milphidippa, Tavros is the Puer, and Gamzee is Cario.  And all the Aradiabots are the chorus.  I based the character assignments on personalities, but the shipping is ludicrously meta.
  3. Speaking of shipping, leprechaun shipping grids have got to resemble tic-tac-toe games.  Or sudokus.  The number of non-repeating three-charm troves is 9!=362,880.  I do not know if Hussie realizes this.  And then you add in all the troves with >3 charms….
  4. In Greek today, we were discussing the prohibitive use of the subjunctive, and the TA used the example of the prophecy of the birth of John the Baptist: “ou me pie oinon” (“he shall never drink wine”).  I realized that John the Baptist is Sober Gamzee.  Well, actually, he’s more like Kurloz.  The hair and the voice.  But still, all the meta.
  5. Harry Potter and his friends are the post-scratch versions of Voldemort and the kid’s parents.  Harry even has a scratch-mark on his forehead.  A senior I know completely flipped out when I told her this.  I’m not sure which was funnier.

In other meta-ness not involving Homestuck, Shakespeare was romantically a hipster (I wrote a paper on this for my RenLit midterm and got an A), and he read way too much Catullus and Ovid.  Part of the reason I got a good grade on my paper is that I referenced ALL the classics stuff.  You wouldn’t believe how much classics stuff there is in Renaissance lit.  And then after class yesterday I spent like 15 minutes talking to my professor about how Taming of the Shrew is surprisingly like Miles Gloriosus (hey, it was on my brain that day).  I think there could be a good paper in comparing and contrasting Petruchio and Pyrgopolynices, and maybe also Grumio and Artotrogus.

So yeah, I have been fangirling like crazy about stuff, and probably in a few hours or days I’ll get back to blogging about gay stuff.  Vale!

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