New Background

So I made a new background for my blog.  After a couple of hours  and some pretty intense beta (upload, refresh, find problems, fix on PNG file, save as JPEG and overwrite previous version, repeat), I’ve come up with something that works okay on my computer.  Reader comments on how it works (or doesn’t) on theirs would be appreciated.

The red and blue stripes on the left side symbolize the rigidity of the gender binary.  The purple organic shapes on the right signify the freedom of a non-binary understanding.  Plus, I really like purple.  If you’ve read the post “A Raging Lavender Menace,”  you probably have figured this out already.

So, please give me some feedback!

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5 comments on “New Background
  1. doubleinvert says:

    What I see is no so much that the blue turns into purple, but that purple bars appear if I scroll fast.

    – Connie

  2. Just discovered that if I scroll fast, the stripes blur into purple. I think it’s cool, but do tell me if it’s too distracting or migraine-inducing or, I don’t know, triggers a fear of clowns or something.

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