Sorry about the Blogroll Chaos!

So, a day or two ago I decided to categorize my links.  I did not realize that this would create multiple lists on my left sidebar–and I didn’t notice this effect until about five minutes ago.  And I don’t know how not to have the categories be in alphabetical order.  So that’s why I have my “All links” list as “Omnes Res,” which means “all the things.”  So the links may be in beta for anywhere from a few hours to a few days.  (I’m supposed to be reading Apuleius, not derping around on my blog!)  Vale nunc/Seeya later.

5 minutes later:  I realized I didn’t have to double-tag everything.  Links are simplified, and I think that part of beta is done.  I may be playing around with widgets, though.  (Basically, I have no attention span even though Apuleius is interesting.)

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