A Raging Lavender Menace

A Raging Lavender Menace

One of my favorite pieces of queer art is Sadie Lee’s “Raging Bull.” The first time I saw it, I had one of those “OMG that’s what I’m supposed to be” moments. So, since I don’t dare post photos of myself, I decided to use it. But it needed some work. Using MS Paint, I flipped the picture so that it looked less standoffish when placed to the left of comments, and colored the background mostly purple (to match my HuffPo handle, “Purple Flag”) with the spraypaint tool, leaving some red around the figure because it looked cool. I added some pointillist shading in appropriate places and exported the PNG file as a JPEG. Pretty much straight out of 10th grade computer art, but it works.

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One comment on “A Raging Lavender Menace
  1. […] freedom of a non-binary understanding.  Plus, I really like purple.  If you’ve read the post “A Raging Lavender Menace,”  you probably have figured this out […]

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