An Open Letter to My Facebook Friends

I hate having to edit my life. I couldn’t FB-like a gay-friendly article, because there was really no way I could find to make my likes private. It got so bad that I had to build an alternate online identity; every time I went home for break, I was subjected to severe bullying by my parents for supporting unchristian lifestyles. This is why I know I cannot come out until I’m at least an assistant professor somewhere. However, if I could, this is pretty much what I would say.

Coming Out Christian

FacebookEvery week, I spend a ridiculous amount of time editing my Facebook wall. Why? Because I’m not 100% out on Facebook. And so, when someone who knows I’m gay posts something revealing to my wall that others who don’t know I’m gay might see, then I have to either edit the audience for that post, or delete it entirely. See how cumbersome that can become? (I’m sure there are plenty of you who know what that’s like.) There are lots of my Facebook friends who know; I’ve come out to several people. I’m sure there are more than I would like to realize who have “heard it through the grapevine”. But then, there are many who simply don’t know. And it is because of them that I edit my online life. I even have a custom-made “gay-safe” list that comes in handy quite often. But this way of separating my…

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