The world is so darn binary.  I have been trying to create an online identity for myself, under my pen name, Chris Delmore.  Maybe it’ll be my legal name someday; I don’t know yet.  It does look better than my birth name as a signature, and it’s certainly more pronounceable.  The name Chris is grammatically gender-neutral in all the languages I study very much, so it’s easy to use gender-neutral pronouns with it.  Unfortunately, pronouns are the only place gender neutrality works.  Both Yahoo and Facebook required me to select a binary gender.  After some thought, I chose “male.”  I’m not sure that I’m actually a man, but I’m pretty sure I’m not a woman.  At least, not in the sense that everybody thinks of “woman.”  So, if you find me on one of those sites and my profile says “M,” don’t be alarmed.  They just won’t let you create an account without declaring a gender.  I don’t see how to not have a Facebook–one that isn’t under my birth name.  So many news sites require a Facebook to comment or get higher recognition.  I suppose I could have had some email other than Yahoo!, but it was late at night, and I wanted to get my female persona’s email unattached from Huffington Post and WordPress.  As Chris, I can speak my mind and not fear.  Maybe sometimes I’ll even be able to post photos as long as they don’t show too much of my face.  I can be a cohesive person.  A person whose fate and mind are shaped by me.

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