Too much elections!

We’re at the breaking point.  It’s the first election I can vote in, and also the first where the issues really mattered (perhaps because, unlike in 2008, I have access to the media).  On the one hand, my rights and health insurance; on the other, suck it up or move to Canada.  All right, I don’t think I’d move to Canada.  For one thing, my college is in the US, and I like my college very much.

But anyway, everyone has reached the political breaking point.  A week ago, my friends and I were discussing what fiction characters/authors would be the best presidents.  Yesterday, during the hurricane, we were discussing what might happen if Romney won.  I think there might conceivably be riots on campus.  Or suicide attempts.  I know I’d probably punch a wall very had for a very long time, or just cry.

And then there was Shakespeare rehearsal tonight.  Our director is one of the very few out Republicans on campus.  Aaaand while discussing the portrayals of friendship and love in Midsummer, she said that the reason that all the characters had to be portrayed as straight was just because of Shakespeare and not because of disapproval of anybody’s “lifestyle choices.”  Well, you get raised with certain idioms.  The trouble is, crazy queer classicists are fiends from linguistics hell.  I did a double facepalm and asked, “Could you please use some other term than ‘lifestyle choices?'”  Then the assistant director thought I was going to have a panic attack (understandable) and I was like, “No, no, I’m fine, I’m just a linguist!”  Awkward.

But I don’t think I would have said anything except that I’m scared to death over the elections and have spent most of the last two weeks on HuffPo refuting(?) the random conservatives who sometimes find their way over there.  (I think I did manage to convince a libertarian to vote for Obama.  She thought that Romney had been pretty good on gay rights in MA and I told her about Romney’s refusal to change the birth certificate forms.)

So I’m scared that in a week I might not have rights or the hope of rights, and I think I may have pissed off my director.  I’m not sure which scares me more.  Vote Obama on Tuesday.  If you think supernatural help will work, ask for it, but please vote too, it’s more tangible.  It’s too much elections, and it sucks, but hey, it’ll be over in a week.

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