The awkward intro post….

Well, I’m supposed to post something, and don’t have any photos….

The reason I’m creating this blog is because the HuffPo comments section simply isn’t enough anymore.  It’s mostly good for political posts, and those get only limited coverage, because things get buried.  Someday I need to calculate the optimum article popularity that lets the most people see your comment.  Too much, and you get buried by other comments before people see yours; too little, and just nobody sees the article or your comment.  But anyway, there’s no room on HuffPo for the “crazy” and “classicist” parts of me, and sometimes even the part about queer issues and politics gets told that the comment it’s tried to post is too long.  Ergo, this blog.  Hope all crazy people, queers, classicists, and combinations thereof can find this tolerable.

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